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USB PrintCable
>> product Description:

USB A male to USB B male cable for printing

1.Product Description

(1)Interface: USB A  plug to USB B plug

(2)Conductor:adopt pure copper

(3)Applicable to the USB port printing equipment data transmission 


(1)The USB 2.0 standard wire and connectors
(2) USB type A male head to type B male head
(3)The USB interface devices connections

(4)Product length and colour customizable
(5)PVC material molding external formwork/PE material molding internal model
(6) Conform to ROHS/UL standard


3.Product Advantage

(1)All the materials are accord with the request. ROSH.

(2)Elegant design, they can take shielding. 

(3)Compatible with USB 1.0 ,2.0 Standards.

(4)Works with all USB Iomega, printer, External Hard drive DV CAM, Digital camera, Scanner, DVD DVD-RW CD -RW AND MORE - Fully compatible with PC or Macintosh.  

(5)Fast, 12 Mbits/sec transmission speed. plated corrosion-proof connectors for maximum conductivity and a clean, clear transmission.

(6)TactiliteTM molded strain relief provides a 360-degree turning radius for true protection against damage to the conductors. 20-gauge high performance power wires ensure maximum USB performance. Works with USB 2.0 .

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