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Standard USB 3.0 BM to BM cable
>> product Description:

1.Product Description: 

(1)The new generation USB 3.0 cable

(2)Offer super fast speeds up to 10 x faster than USB 2.0

(3)When used in conjunction with compatible USB 3.0 devices.

2.Features & Specifications:
(1) Super Speed USB3.0 Supporting data Rate.
(2) USB3.0 offers up to 10 x USB2.0 performance (4.8 Gpbs)
(3) Compatible with USB Rev3.0/2.0/1.1
(4) Foiled and braided shield complies with fully rated cable specifications
(5) Impedance matches twisted pair construction helps to minimize cross talk,

(6) Super high- speed, error-free
(7) Length: 0.8 Metres
(8) Connections: Standard USB 3.0 BM to BM cable

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