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Chinese E-Books: A Big Cake To A Small Market
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Forrester is the industry’s quite an authoritative and influential market research firm. When in November 2007 the first Amazon Kindle to the listing price of 399 dollars, it does not optimistic about this e-reader prospects for the future. However, it is proved that it was wrong.

December 29, 2009, Amazon – the world’s largest online book retailer, announced that according to December 25 Christmas Day, the statistical data, the site e-book sales for the first time more than a traditional printed book. The book has been able to have such amazing sales performance, largely due to the company’s launch of Kindle e-reader. It is reported that during the Christmas season, Kindle readers, including iPod, including the overwhelming sales of other similar products, becoming the best-selling consumer electronics products.

Forrester recently released report has acknowledged that e-books and e-reader market is ready out of the niche market and into the mainstream.

When the foreign good news followed when, in the eyes of many manufacturers and the media, China’s e-books and readers, the market seems to have become a matter of course tempting big cake. However, the fact is indeed the case? In an interview with “Science Times” exclusive interview, Beijing Founder fly reading Media Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager GUAN Jian told reporters: “After a number of manufacturers in 2009 to promote China’s e-reader market is about to enter a period of prosperity. However, e-reader is still a narrow niche market in the short term will not be as popular as mobile phones and notebook computers. ”

Chinese e-book market is not mature

Tube sword the past six months have been very busy. With the Amazon Kindle hot in the U.S. market, China’s e-reading market is rapidly heating up. As a subsidiary of Founder Group, Founder fly reading in and China Mobile’s ASPire Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly launched the “Man Room” (WeFound) electronic reader, many media have come to want to interview her door.

While living in this like “the Great Leap Forward”-like atmosphere, GUAN Jian Dan Ding and calm but still appear. He calmly told the “Science Times” reporter, China’s e-reader market is still not mature, from most electronic reader is still the “gift Jiapin” can be seen by. Even today, there are e-reading group to individual needs from the market, signs of migration, this is only just beginning. Now lie in the electronic reader on the path of development there are two major obstacles.

One price is a very important factor. The first generation of the Amazon Kindle e-reading products soon as he was the listing of the 399 U.S. dollars, later reduced to 359 U.S. dollars; second generation memory, bigger, longer battery life, in the February 2009 launch price of 359 dollars. In May 2009, Amazon released the third generation of wide-screen e-reader. The new product is equipped with 9.7-inch large screen, but the price is as high as 489 U.S. dollars. Even in the United States, many people are discouraged from it.

In China, a lowest-priced e-reader is also about 1,600 yuan, some of the more hardcover price of the product even more than 23 thousand dollars. The text is divided into rooms and industrial version of Personal Edition, Personal Edition is priced at 4800 RMB, including SIM cards, 3-year flow of fees and service fees; industry version of the price higher, approximately 5800 yuan, can be developed for clients Custom is currently the only one that customized according to customer needs and service development of mobile reading devices.

In addition to price factors, GUAN Jian believes that the current popularity of e-reader is not the main reason is people’s reading habits. Now most people to read the paper and computer-based reading. Electronic reader key audiences are mostly there is a clear demand for mobile reading the high-income users and reading enthusiasts.

For these users, as compared with the computer and mobile phone, e-readers edges where? The sword in the pipe appears to the reader requirements are divided into two kinds of reading, one is a light read, one is dark to read. Light reading refers to the short leisure time, fast browsing some news and information, the majority of this demand is to read the news and entertainment information-based society. Depth reading refers to reading a certain purpose, in order to grasp some kind of knowledge, or the full reading a long book, or learn more about a particular field of all kinds of information. That reading in the past are based on paper read mainly because the LCD screens and mobile phones through the computer screen to read a long time will be very tired eye. The room used in the text is e-ink e-ink technology, the screen itself is non-luminous and reflective, is a completely paper-like reading experience, very suitable for the depth of reading needs.

Therefore, for light users to read, they can use a computer or mobile phone to read, for them, a feature-rich devices already good enough for us; while the depth of reading for users who need a special Reading Terminal. “It’s like someone using a mobile phone to play games, but game fans will still buy a PSP, this is because the demand for different levels of the game.” GUAN Jian said.

E-reading is a trend

“Although there are many obstacles, but we believe that e-reading is a trend.” Sword said tube. In addition to the level of consumption are different things, in some respects, the problems encountered in China and the West.

The financial crisis, rising paper prices led to rising costs of paper publishing, print media, many in the West go down the tubes. At the same time, China’s media and press have also been a great shock, but they have in the search for transformation, even if unable to find an optimal model, we must find a lowest-cost model, namely the digital transition.

In addition, in the past people downloaded from the Internet is because most of the e-book e-books are pirated, so there are a lot of people enjoy the “free lunch.” If this phenomenon no longer exists, more and more copyright authorities to start charging for digital content, and about copyright issues, then the opportunities for free reading will be less and less.

“Why is the use of electronic readers in the United States who so much? You may not have studied, but there may be a very important reason is that paper books are too expensive.” GUAN Jian said that more than 100 U.S. dollars a book, its e-book as long as nine U.S. dollars. China will one day have encountered the same problem? As the paper every day prices, the price of Chinese paper books now about 30% per year increase. “If one day China’s economic development to a book, up to seventy to eighty million more than the price when the e-book market will fire up.”

According to control the sword, at present the vast majority of e-readers are used in class e-ink paper screen, and can achieve the same paper book reading experience, not to hurt the eyes, no radiation, and environment-friendly, a lot of office and travel regularly outside people have realized that e-reader and easy to carry and content-rich benefits. “2009 was only the U.S. market to sell 3 million units on the electronic reader, the Chinese market is also the scale of hundreds of thousands of units are expected in 2010 there will be a larger growth.” Pipe sword forecast.

“Kindle is not our benchmark,”

Because the Kindle’s meteoric rise, many people have it as a benchmark for e-readers. In this regard, management does not recognize the sword. “We are not selling text room products, but service.” GUAN Jian said.

Tube resonance sword flying from reading the parent company of Founder – Founder Group. Than 20 years, Founder has been leading the field in the domestic publishing the first of its kind of technological innovation, from the laser photo-typesetting to full streams of digital publishing solutions, Founder possession of more than 90% of domestic newspapers, publishing houses of the typesetting system and output equipment market, these resources become a distributor of its e-book has laid a solid foundation.

According to report, Founder early in 2000 proposed the “eBook dream”, well-planned and progressive involvement of e-reader market. During this time, they developed a variety of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights and standards, such as digital layout technologies and standards (CEBX technology), digital copyright protection technologies and standards (DRM technology) and so on.

Room in the text before the introduction of China’s electronic reader network communications capabilities are not available, only through the PC to download and then use the data-line transmission to the terminal within the reading. This makes the information very easy to download and access. Founder in 2089 through the accumulation of technology, culture room at last, as the world’s first based on 3G (TD-SCDMA) / GSM mobile radio module supports reading terminal, turned out it is also listed on China’s 3G mobile read the first terminal.

“We should say that the text is not just a simple room has an electronic reader, its real value lies in the combination of applications and mobile networks, to break down the content providers, service integration, end-product to mobile operators, marketing channels, end-user the entire value chain. “GUAN Jian said.

In his view, personalized information customization is the biggest highlight of side body room. For example, the Founder of the senior who has a custom paper room “of directors of this.” Through this the directors of this, they can not only enjoy the standards of service packages, including daily early, middle and late “Wen room” Morning, “Man Room” afternoon newspaper, “Man Room” Evening News, with an accumulation of many years of books Museum Bookstore, and online stock information and so on. And, more pleasant, the directors can also while reading, reading the newspaper while listening to wonderful music.

The dawn of the new year inevitably talk about the market outlook for this year. GUAN Jian told reporters that he expects China sales volume of e-readers will be more than one million, but it is difficult to achieve 3 million. Moreover, the products and services, the competition will be very intense, many manufacturers may withdraw from the competition. “As a country currently in the field of digital publishing and mobile reading areas have a number of patents and technological advantages of the Founder, our goal is to occupy more than one-third of China’s market share.” Tube, indicating confidence in the sword.


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